êkhô studio

Insomnia comes after

{Music video}



{Poster design}

Writer: Moa Matthis
Artists: Tomas Colbengston, Katarina Pirak Sikku

Open School 

“The work of memory collapses time and breaks down the boundaries between past, present and future. To remember, can be to collect and release the stories of silenced voices and experiences into the present, changing the future. To remember can be resist the deliberate act of forgetting the violence and explioitation that marks colonial history, its practice and self-celebratory story-telling. The word “re-member” carries the meaning of making whole and restoring, but also of mourning. To remember can be a process of artistic practice, and a work of art.”

On Sápmi, the saami culture and Swedish colonialism.

2018 – Conference hosted by Konstfack University or Arts, Craft and Design.